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Bitcoin News: 104 BTC moved from QuadrigaCX exchange wallets

Doubts reopen over the Canadian exchange's mysterious history

All set for launch of new Netflix docuseries about QuadrigaCX

The highly-anticipated new series focusing on the scandalous scam perpetrated by the mysteriously deceased founder of the Quadriga exchange is about to be released

QuadrigaCX labelled as a scam

Bankruptcy, a founder who first vanished and then died and now almost $200 million are missing

New doubts surrounding the death of QuadrigaCX founder

According to a recent poll, only 37% of voters believe Gerald Cotten's death

4 agencies investigate the QuadrigaCX exchange

The report states that there are at least four entities involved in the investigations

QuadrigaCX: investigation expenses approved

The latest news on the case of the Canadian exchange

Report: developments on the QuadrigaCX funds

The Canadian exchange had to close because the passwords were known only by the deceased CEO

QuadrigaCX exchange: a report on the latest news

The new developments concerning the Canadian trading platform

QuadrigaCX, located the funds from the Ethereum wallets of the Canadian exchange

Some of the missing ETHs would be in the hands of Kraken, Poloniex and Bitfinex

Kraken: a $100,000 prize to anyone with evidence about QuadrigaCX funds

The exchange is working on recovering the funds of the Canadian trading platform

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