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New doubts surrounding the death of QuadrigaCX founder

The announcement of the death of the founder of the Canadian QuadrigaCX exchange, Gerald Cotten, was made on January 15th, 2019

The circumstances under which he allegedly died, however, have always seemed very suspicious, in particular because many private keys to access the exchange’s crypto funds also disappeared with him, and the exchange went bankrupt. 

After a few months a part of the funds were found. 

As a result, several lawsuits are still pending, so much so that the exhumation of the body was also requested in order to verify that the body belonged to Gerald Cotten himself. 

According to a recent poll, 63% of voters said they did not consider Gerald Cotten dead, while only 37% believe he died. 

With regard to the possible exhumation of the body, 76% of voters said they were in favour, while only 24% would be against. 

The QuadrigaCX poll

Although the poll that gave the clearest result is that relating to Cotten’s widow, Jennifer Robertson, heir to the Cotten fortune.

In fact, according to 92% of voters, Robertson would know where the private keys to the missing funds are kept, while only 8% believe she is unaware of the facts. 

In total, nearly 17,000 requests for repayment of the remaining QuadrigaCX funds have been received by the exchange’s bankruptcy trustees, ranging from $167 million to $300 million depending on how they are valued. 

QuadrigaCX funds

These are almost 25,000 BTC, more than 65,000 ETH, almost 87,000 LTC, and other funds in BCH, BSV and BTG, plus 90 million Canadian dollars and 6 million US dollars

These funds will be converted into Canadian dollars, and distributed to creditors, but there is still no trace of the missing funds. 

The matter is thus still completely unresolved, and it is incomprehensible why the exhumation of the body is not authorized in order to verify whether or not the founder of the exchange has actually died. 

In particular, should it turn out that the body buried in his name did not match Gerald Cotten’s, his widow Jennifer Robertson should explain what really happened, to help find Cotten and the lost keys. 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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