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Oasis University Program, the blockchain in theory and practice

Oasis has brought together more than 20 universities and technical partners

Polkadot: the platform is now online

The project had started its development in 2016

Libra Association Council: the board has been elected

21 members have signed the association charter

Facebook, where’s the Libra Association? The project is only in its infancy

The Libra Foundation building in Geneva is empty and the founding members have not yet paid out a single euro

ETH 2.0: performance analysis

So far everything seems to be going well, although some small problems have emerged that will take some time to find solutions

NFT: NBA’s Top Shots on sale

The news was announced by Dapper Labs, famous for being behind the successful CryptoKitty NFTs

Facebook: whitepaper and details about the Libra crypto

The social media giant launches its own crypto

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