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HTC Exodus 1, the smartphone for Binance

At the end of the month, a new HTC smartphone will be on the market that natively integrates Binance Chain and its DEX.

The smartphone by Kakao is called Stage Five 5G

New information on the device has been published

Sirin Labs: mobile blockchain for Finney, the impenetrable smartphone

The company raised $150 million during its ICO in December 2017

LG will launch blockchain-friendly smartphones

Following the announcement of the Samsung KlaytnPhone, the Korean company would be ready to respond with its counterpart

Samsung: the blockchain-friendly smartphone KlaytnPhone coming soon

The company is expected to launch the new device shortly. It will also contain a crypto wallet

The Huobi blockchain smartphone is here

The exchange has collaborated with the startup Whole Network

Coinomi guide: multi-coin wallet for smartphones and desktops

The project was founded in 2014 and now counts millions of customers, offering support to over 125 different blockchains

Pundi X: here comes XPhone, the blockchain smartphone

During a conference held these days in Africa, the CEO presented the new product

HTC Exodus: the smartphone with a full Bitcoin node

Yesterday in New York was announced the next blockchain-themed terminal

CoinMarketCap launches Android smartphone app

CoinMarketCap has officially announced the arrival of the app for Android and has updated the application for iOS

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