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Dash: collecting donations for Venezuela

The South American country is going through a severe social crisis, with the health system collapsing

The Venezuelan government accepts bitcoin for passports

A test, featuring screenshots, shows the procedure for the BTC payment on SAIME's government website.

In Venezuela fuel is paid for in cryptocurrency

According to the Venezuelan government, in the first week that the service was activated, 15% of all payments were made in Petro

LocalBitcoins: new all-time highs in Argentina and Venezuela

Due to the high inflation of their national currencies, bitcoin trading volumes have peaked again

Covid-19, Maduro closes banks in Venezuela

In the meantime, there has been an increase in volumes on the Peer-to-Peer crypto exchanges in the country

Venezuela and bitcoin: new records on LocalBitcoins

Venezuelans are willing to pay BTC $1,300 more than the global average market value

Petro: mass adoption in Venezuela?

Over the past weeks, there have been over two and a half million crypto operations, following the Christmas airdrop

Venezuela: an airdrop of half Petro as a bonus for Christmas

Maduro announces a Christmas gift dedicated to Venezuelan civilians

LocalBitcoins: new volume records in Venezuela and Argentina

Despite the drop in trading volumes on the platform, South America has recorded new all-time highs

New volume records on LocalBitcoins in Venezuela and Argentina

Very high volumes also in Chile

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