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Maduro: Venezuela must be a crypto-nation

The President is doing a real promotional campaign in favour of the Petro

Venezuela distributes Petro tokens to its regions

President Maduro announced a kind of airdrop that casts serious doubts on the inflationary nature of the stablecoin anchored to Venezuelan oil

Petro: Venezuela’s conflicting news about its cryptocurrency

The South American country continues to give unclear and contrasting information regarding the actual use of the state cryptocurrency

Venezuela wants to pay its debt in cryptocurrencies

President Maduro announced that they are in negotiations with China and Russia to be able to make some payments in bitcoin or ethereum

Venezuela: shocking crash of the bolivar exchange rate against bitcoin

The national currency loses almost a third against BTC

LocalBitcoins: historical record for bitcoin volumes in Venezuela

Most Venezuelan citizens have completely lost confidence in the national currency

Venezuela: the relation with Bitcoin transactions

The efforts of US White House to install Juan Guaido can be blamed on extreme effectiveness of BTC

Venezuela: 12 tonnes of food purchased with bitcoin

Thanks to a large amount of BTC, it was possible to make a donation in the Latin country

Localbitcoins: all-time record in Argentina and Venezuela

Bitcoin trading volumes are very high in Colombia, Chile and Peru as well

Lightning Network Torch: a fundraising campaign to help Venezuela

The initiative could be used to make crypto donations in the Latin American country

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