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Iranian currency collapsing, the bitcoin hunt begins

The vertical collapse of the national currency and hyperinflation are driving people to look for alternative forms of protection and savings, starting with digital currencies.

Petro token on the markets from August 20

Venezuela announces the debut of the new currency. Hyperinflation has reached stratospheric rates

The Monetary Policy Department: “Cryptos a form of private money”

A report by the Monetary Policy Department defines cryptos as "a form of private money". Does not consider them replacements for fiat currencies, but keeps an open mind

Italian crypto pegged to marble, says Bannon

The businessman, a militant of the American alt-right, has cited among his projects an Italian digital currency similar to the Petro. But we don't understand how it could work

Petro using NEM blockchain risks failing

Venezuela is unable to extract the oil it needs to back the state's cryptocurrency. So the project based on NEM's blockchain is in danger of failing

For Putin cryptos can’t be used as state currency

Russian President says that the supranational cryptocurrency can’t permit it to become an official coin.

Marshall Islands SOV to replace the dollar

The SOV replaces the dollar in the Marshall Islands: this is "the right path into the future", stated the government of the UN member state

Switzerland evaluates a state crypto: “e-franc”

The country of the Four Cantons is considering the creation of a state digital currency. Technicians of the Ministry of Finance will verify the feasibility and convenience

Putin, Maduro and some secrets about Petro

Evrofinance was the first bank to accept payments for the purchase of the crypto. But the brains behind it are the Venezuelan government and the Russian company Gazprom.

A luxury hotel in Caracas accepts Petro

The historic Humboldt, 70 suite at over 2,000 meters of altitude, can be paid for in crypto. President Maduro writes in a tweet. The token is not circulating yet

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