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Poseidon DAO’s AMA: a talk with Giovanni Motta and Emanuele Ferrari

The upcoming guests have also been announced

Art Digital: an event on 29 September in Lugano on NFTs

At the Swiss city's beautiful hotel The View, a day dedicated to technology

Metaforum: more than 500 people in Lugano for the first edition of the event

Blockchain, talent and innovation at the LAC in Lugano

Metaforum: last days to get discounted tickets for the Lugano event

On 13 June, the town in the Ticino will host a major conference on the subject of metaverse and NFTs

Madonna and Beeple launch new NFT collection

Proceeds from sales will be donated to charity

Metaforum: new names added to the Lugano event schedule

The Cryptonomist is organizing Metaforum in Lugano, an event focused on NFTs, metaverse and more!

The famous Trans-Calar statue enters the Metaverse in 2,085 NFTs

The startups The Token and Seven Art digitize the Trans-Calar artwork

Metaforum: an event in Lugano on NFTs, metaverse and DeFi

Finlantern, together with our magazine as a strategic partner, is organizing a new conference in the Swiss city

Italy: who are the TOP influencers in the NFT world?

Non-fungible tokens are the new frontier ready to adapt to many contexts

Lamborghini launches its NFT project: Space Time Memory

A collection of five photographs by Swiss artist Fabian Oefner

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