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Twitter, the Bitcoin whitepaper shared with 4 million followers

The CEO of the social network tweeted the paper of the first cryptocurrency followed by an article explaining how it works

A $100 million Korean blockchain investment

Seoul will provide companies with 100 billion won for DLT development

Ethereum real estate sector: Welcome to Manhattan

An American luxury condominium has been registered on the blockchain with a platform to tokenise its investments

Blockchain Forum Italia, Milano to host a new event about fintech

On November 7th, the Talent Garden Calabiana will see a whole day of meetings, interviews and workshops with the leading experts on the DLT

NASDAQ Analytics Hub will include cryptocurrencies

The company that manages the stock exchange is creating a predictive tool for the digital currency markets dedicated to traders and institutional investors

Dorsey: “Blockchain as a solution to Twitter scams”

According to the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, the technology "has a lot of unused potential". He also admits that his social is the most exposed to online scams, even compared to Facebook and Google.

Vitalik and his ‘Liberal Radicalism’ paper

The blockchain and the crypto industry are based on open source development, so the source code, like any other type of information, is public and open to all

The new BitMEX office is on the 45th floor

An entire floor of the Cheung Kong Center skyscraper has been rented for the Hong Kong exchange, next to names of high profile merchant banks such as BofA and Goldman Sachs

Cryptouniverse, a Russian mining farm

The first cryptocurrency extraction site in the region of St. Petersburg

Crypto Coinference, with Zucco and Comandini

November 8, in the city of Milan a new "educational" initiative linked to the world of digital currencies and blockchain

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