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Tether: stablecoin surpasses $50 billion market cap

Ford Motor or Kraft Heinz have less market capitalization than USDT

BitTorrent: +2000% in three months for the price of BTT

The token of the project now owned by Justin Sun is setting new records

Litecoin, Tron and IOTA: highest sentiment rates on social media

The data refers to the last week and was reported by analytics firm Sentifi

Dogecoin, a star on social media

This is revealed by Sentifi

Litecoin becomes private like Monero

Everything ready for the addition of MimbleWimble Extension Block MWEB

Litecoin ready to rise in value?

According to Peter Brandt, the altcoin will soon have its bull run

Litecoin: higher sentiment on social media last week

NEM, Tron and IOTA also did well, which are cryptocurrencies that share a somewhat similar price trend

New records for Cardano on social media

Sentifi published a new report on the influence of the crypto project on social platforms

Cardano king of social media last week

Thanks to a significant surge in ADA's price, sentiment towards the cryptocurrency was decidedly positive on social media

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