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The most important Telegram channels dedicated to Crypto trading

On Telegram, there are hundreds of different groups and channels that bring together Italian and non-Italian communities dedicated to crypto trading and the world of blockchain in general.

We define crypto trading as the idea of earning money by buying and selling bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies on the main exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, etc…

In the varied crypto world there are those who have no experience in trading but, attracted by a market with great volatility, are thinking about investing in this sector.

The need to deepen one’s knowledge, to exchange views and to remain informed on a field as specific as that of crypto has always favored the emergence of communities of experts since the time of the first posts on bitcointalk.org, the historic forum from which everything began and that, even today, is an important reference point in this world.

However, the technological diffusion has also allowed the use of easier and simpler tools such as Telegram which, thanks to its ease of use and security, has created a multitude of discussion groups on the different branches of specialisation in the crypto world.

There are groups that talk about development, some about specific projects, some about adoption, some about technology, mining and so on.

In the bear market, which unfortunately characterized 2018, users have not stopped exchanging views and directions because, for those who trade, opportunities for profit exist even in a bear market.

Here is a small overview of the various Telegram groups that deal with this topic and what distinguishes them.

Big Bit

his first Telegram group is organised by the Swiss CryptoLab of Paolo Barrai. It is a group where you can exchange opinions and comment on the trading signals you receive for a fee by subscribing to an annual subscription. BigBit has also a newsletter in both Italian and English to stay up to date on companies developing high-tech applications, on blockchain technology, on the panorama of cryptocurrencies and on the offers of new digital tokens by evolving startups.

BigBit also has an open and free group – Bigbit news – in which are published mainly comments on the most important news of the market, but also some charts and trading analysis.

Crypto Blow Newshttps://t.me/CryptoBlowNews

This channel is a news aggregator that has recently included Cryptonomist as an authoritative source of news for the crypto market.

It’s free and is linked to the RSS feed of various industry magazines to give an overview of the major news on cryptocurrencies, ICOs, blockchain and even trading.

Crypto Analysis News https://t.me/Crypto_Analysis_News

This is a channel that requires user to pay subscription for unlocking premium signals and calls, but it also shares free information. Many videos are also published along with analyses to better explain market movements.

Blockchain Whispers Baby https://t.me/blockchainwhispersbaby

With over 50,000 subscribers, this is a Telegram channel to keep an eye on especially if you are always looking for the latest news on the crypto trading theme. It refers not only to the main cryptocurrencies but also to the more niche ones with analysis and technical signals.

Amelia Tomasicchio
Amelia Tomasicchiohttps://cryptonomist.ch
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