IOTA: the review of 2019
IOTA: the review of 2019

IOTA: the review of 2019

By Marco Cavicchioli - 2 Jan 2020

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The IOTA Foundation has published a review of 2019, accompanied by a preview of 2020. 

By “manipulating” some metrics, presumably including the price of the MIOTA token, 2019 is described as “the most triumphant year for IOTA thus far. By far”, thanks to all the progress the project has made this year, taking the entire ecosystem a giant leap forward in preparation for an exciting 2020.

It is explicitly stated: 

“All aspects of the project have improved significantly over the past 12 months”. 

The price metric of the MIOTA token, which has been accused of being manipulated, indicates a drop in value from about $0.38 in January to $0.15 in December, with a loss of more than 60%

The market capitalisation also fell sharply, causing IOTA to fall to the twenty-third position in the cryptocurrency ranking, surpassed by Hedge Trade, Ethereum Classic and USD Coin. 

However, this metric alone is not suitable to represent the progress of the project, partly due to the fact that the MIOTA token is not commonly considered as a store of value and as such its value may fluctuate independently of the overall value of the project. 

Today, for example, the IOTA Foundation is an international organisation with more than 110 professionals, and in 2019 it presented Coordicide, or “the death of the Coordinator”, which should lead the project to achieve its objectives. 

During 2019, the same foundation continued to establish partnerships with the academic world, allocating millions of dollars to stimulate research. 

They write:  

“We are confident that 2020 will bloom with new products and start-ups that started in the fertile soil of the IOTA vision”.

The results achieved in 2019 and listed in the review are many, ranging from IOTA’s entry into the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications to Azimut’s ELI9, a simplified explanation of the NB-PoW approach. 

In addition, 2019 saw the launch of the IOTA Academy and the Industry Marketplace, the implementation of IOTA Insights, the release of the Trinity Wallet, and a partnership with Jaguar Land Rover, STMicroelectronics and other companies and organisations.

Finally, 2020 is presented as 

“the year where IOTA’s core innovation — Tangle — proves itself in all its glory” 

and during which the DLT will deliver on its promises, although no concrete details have been added to support this promise. 


Marco Cavicchioli

Born in 1975, Marco has been the first to talk about Bitcoin on YouTube in Italy. He founded and the Facebook group" Bitcoin Italia (open and without scam) ".

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