Euro 2020 tickets on the blockchain: the app is coming soon
Euro 2020 tickets on the blockchain: the app is coming soon

Euro 2020 tickets on the blockchain: the app is coming soon

By Eleonora Spagnolo - 18 Feb 2020

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The race is on for Euro 2020 tickets, which from this year will be registered on a system based on blockchain. As announced by UEFA on its official website, an app will be used for tickets in electronic format that will simplify and secure entry to the stadiums.

The use of the blockchain had already been announced, but new details on how to issue tickets are now emerging. Meanwhile, thanks to the blockchain system, it will be difficult to duplicate and forge tickets. In addition, the stadium can only be accessed by showing the QR code from a mobile phone, which must have Bluetooth enabled near the staff in charge of ticket verification. 

The app for Euro 2020 tickets

E-Tickets, even if purchased during the presale phase, will be distributed via app. The UEFA EURO 2020 mobile tickets app will be available for download from May for Android and iOS operating systems.

In practice, the users buying tickets in electronic format will only have to download the app and enter the email with which they must be registered on the UEFA EURO 2020 mobile tickets website. At that point they will receive an email with a code that will be used to get the ticket. This code must be inserted in the app and the tickets purchased will be sent directly to the smartphone. The tickets can also be sent to the owners, or they can remain on the phone of the users that made the purchase, who will have to keep them. 

At the entrance of the stadium the users will have to show the ticket and via Bluetooth they will be provided with the QR code by a steward. By showing the QR code at the turnstiles the user can enter the stadium. 

An already successful experiment

The new delivery method for Euro 2020 e-tickets had in fact already been successfully tested during the UEFA Nations League finals in June 2019. At that time, 110,000 tickets (around 80% of the total) were delivered via mobile phone. 

The use of the app for the delivery of tickets in electronic format according to UEFA will make it easier to deliver tickets to fans arriving from 200 nations around the world. UEFA expects to distribute at least 1 million tickets via mobile, which means significantly reducing the impact on the use of paper. However, this is a small percentage, because in total it is estimated that 28.3 million tickets will be sold to attend Euro 2020 events. 

The European Championship promises to be unique. There will not be a single nation to host the championship, but the competition will be itinerant. The opening match will be in Rome next July 12th, the finals will be at Wembley Stadium in London.

The duo Football and blockchain

The Euro 2020 blockchain tickets are just the latest combination of football and blockchain. It is now a fact that several major sports clubs are using the blockchain to interact with their fans. 

Specifically Roma, Juventus, Paris Saint Germain and, most recently, Barcelona, are using the Socios platform to distribute tokens to their fans. Thanks to the tokens, fans can respond to surveys, obtain prizes and interact with their team. 


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