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Ripple: Chris Larsen recovered from Coronavirus

Chris Larsen had the coronavirus. Ripple’s co-founder and executive chairman declared it with a post on his Twitter profile announcing he has recovered:

“Thank you to everyone on the frontlines keeping us safe – am truly grateful to report that I’ve made a full recovery from COVID19. If you’ve recovered from the virus, please consider donating your blood to help with antibody transplants”.

The post is accompanied by a photo showing him donating blood, while the link refers to a Red Cross article that is an appeal to encourage blood and plasma donation.

In fact, the blood of those recovered from Coronavirus has a very specific purpose: to introduce antibodies into sick patients, in the hope that they can help them overcome the disease, strengthening their immune system.

The post included numerous comments from the crypto community, including Justin Sun, who wrote:

“Stay strong, stay safe.”

In the meantime, David Schwartz, (CTO of Ripple) has attempted a technical-scientific response to a user who asked if it was safe to donate blood after recovering from the virus. 

The comment by Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, expressed a strong sense of relief:

“Nothing can keep Chris Larsen down for long. Thankful to call you a friend and colleague (and love the Ripple shirt!)”.

The reference is to Larsen’s t-shirt that resembles the logo of Ripple with three intersecting circles. 

The Coronavirus in the crypto world

The coronavirus hasn’t spared the cryptocurrency world. A first case was registered at the Eth CC Conference in Paris, and it involved Zhen Yu Yong, founder of the Torus wallet. 

The pandemic in the United States

Meanwhile, the coronavirus has turned from disease to pandemic. After spreading widely in Europe, it is now severely affecting the United States and the city of New York. At the moment, the US is the country with the highest number of victims in a day (1,169 deaths in 24 hours) and more than 240,000 infections. 

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