How to create a tipbot on Telegram for EOS tokens
How to create a tipbot on Telegram for EOS tokens

How to create a tipbot on Telegram for EOS tokens

By Alfredo de Candia - 22 Aug 2020

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One of the tools that can be used to distribute a token or crypto, besides faucets on social networks, is to create a tipbot for Telegram, allowing users who are part of a specific chat to receive tips for their activities. 

This guide will show how to use the service @tipipbot, which allows users to insert this bot in their Telegram chat. This service is specific for tokens based on the EOS blockchain.

So, after creating a token, it is possible to integrate it into a Telegram chat to reward users.

How to install the EOS token tipbot 

The first step is to add the bot to the chat. Simply invite it and it will already be operational. 

tipbot telegram

It is possible to access the help by typing .help and see all the codes that allow the interaction with the bot, such as giving the tip to a user, see the balance and also make a withdrawal. 

After importing the bot, it will be possible to configure it. First, it will be necessary to deposit the tokens in the smart contract. This is done by typing the “.deposit” command in the chat and a link will be returned to send the funds with a memo. 

tipbot telegram

At this point, the tokens will be in the smart contract and it will be possible to use the bot, seeing that the speed of the EOS blockchain allows an immediate transfer of the tokens.

Now anyone can tip or reward the users of the chat by simply typing “.tip @username 1 (the number of tokens to send) and the token ticker” so the syntax is of this type: .tip @Cryptonomist 1 CRYPPO

To check the balance of the tokens simply type “.bal” and in case we want to withdraw the tokens and deposit them in our EOS account then we will have to type “.pull EOS account name, token number, ticker and memo”, so in our case it will be: .pull cryptonomist 1 CRYPPO withdrawal token from chat

This tool can also be integrated on other social networks: in fact this bot is available on Discord, Twitter, Reddit and Twitch and obviously Telegram.

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