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Bison Trails: more privacy with ZKValidator

Bison Trails will support ZKValidator‘s project which has started its testing on Polkadot, Cosmos, NEAR and Kusama protocols

ZKValidator is a validator that aims to protect the networks on which it is implemented. It was created to support privacy and research on the zero-knowledge standard on PoS protocols. It is a bridge for protocol developers who want to give more space to users’ privacy. 

It works by supporting node validators who can stake their digital assets and thereby finance the project. 

ZKValidator was founded by Anna Rose, known for the Zero-Knowledge podcast, and DeversiFi CEO Will Harborne.

The idea also involved the CEO of Bison Trails, Joe Lallouz, because it was born while he was a guest on the podcast. 

With this collaboration, Bison Trails is managing the ZKValidator activity on the protocols where it is implemented. 

ZKValidator is currently active on Cosmos, Polkadot, Kusama and NEAR. On these protocols, the community stakes its tokens and earns rewards by funding the development of a safer network. 

The Zero Knowledge Proof makes sure that a transaction is valid without further information being revealed, such as who sent it. In practice, it renders blockchain transactions private. 

With the development of ZKValidator the aim is to bring privacy to layer 2 blockchain solutions and dApps.

In addition to supporting zero-knowledge proof research, through staking, token holders can also vote because of their role in governance. 

Bison Trails and ZKValidator: privacy at the centre

The importance of this project is evident: in the crypto world the need for privacy is increasingly in demand. This is why Bison Trails supported the project. The CEO Joe Lallouz explains:

“ZKValidator is a very real use case of how we can help a team of a few people become as powerful as a team of 50 people. Bison Trails is proud to support ZKValidator across multiple networks with our infrastructure platform, removing all of the technical barriers of running their own community-funded validators. It’s very cool to see people with the economic and political knowhow of governing protocols serve on the Kusama Council and the NEAR Validator Advisory board while we run the infrastructure. This fits perfectly with our mission of democratizing access to blockchains”.

Anna Rose, co-founder of ZKValidator added:

“Bison Trails makes it easy for anyone to run secure infrastructure across multiple blockchains. As they roll out support for new PoS networks, we have discovered opportunities for the ZKValidator to branch out in different directions. Because Bison Trails is doing the technical due diligence, we can work to promote privacy and the use of zero-knowledge systems on the networks we work on”.


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