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Young Boys: the new fan token of the Swiss team

Chiliz CEO Alexandre Dreyfus announced today that the Bernese soccer team BSC Young Boys, in Switzerland, will launch its fan token on Socios.

In the world of soccer the blockchain has arrived in a disruptive way thanks to the platforms of Chiliz and Socios, which allow you to create and manage fan tokens of different soccer teams.

These tokens allow their users to vote, helping the teams to make some decisions, but also to have a new payment method for merchandise.

We are used to hearing big names when we talk about Chiliz and Socios, teams like Roma, Juventus, Barcelona and others have already landed on this platform and launched their own fan tokens.

But that doesn’t mean that the use of fan tokens is only the prerogative of the most famous teams in soccer, since this platform allows everyone to have their own fan token.

YBO, the fan token of the Young Boys

So this time it was the turn of the BSC Young Boys team, who decided to launch its YBO fan token.

The maximum supply will be 5 million tokens. The details of the sale will be announced later.

This is a source of pride for the BSC Young Boys, as team CEO Wanja GReuel said:

“We are very proud to have secured a partnership with Socios.com, thus becoming the first club, from the German-speaking region, to be featured on this platform. This partnership perfectly mirrors our strategy to develop the club off the pitch, to become an innovative leader as well as to offer our fans new interaction possibilities. Unlocking new potentials has become ever-more relevant in such unprecedented times.”

A team that wants to increase its bond can only use Chiliz and Socios, explained Alexandre Dreyfus.

“BSC Young Boys are a forward-thinking club who are passionate about increasing engagement with their fanbase. “We’re delighted they’ve chosen to embrace tokenisation to build an even closer connection with their fans and we’ve got some really exciting plans for the future.”

Finally, we would like to remind you that Socios will soon launch its debit card and thus allow users to spend their tokens in all the stores in the world.


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