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Think You Missed Out on the Bitcoin Boom? Do This

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With Bitcoin now worth well over $35000, investors are asking themselves whether they have missed their chance to get in on the action. Will the Bitcoin rally soon come to an end with BTC reverting to lower support levels in 2021, or will the rise continue as more investors embrace the price volatility with its high risk and high rewards?   

What Are the Main Risks of Investing in Bitcoin?

The primary danger of the crypto market is its extreme volatility. The incredible highs and lows allow for exceptionally lucrative opportunities, but this can lead to rapid, dramatic losses, as easily as it can lead to huge gains. 

In spite of the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies, exchanges have still not reached the high liquidity and trading volume of traditional, legacy financial markets. Bitcoin is not yet a mainstream currency because there are fewer market participants, there is far less transparency, there are weaknesses in the security of decentralized, smart-contract-based technology, presenting attack vectors for hackers, and the entire ecosystem is minimally regulated leading to a lack of investor protections and providing opportunities for criminal elements.

How to Avoid the Dangers while Doubling Your BTC

There is one way to avoid the risks of rapid crypto market fluctuations and still make a generous profit on Bitcoin exchange activity and that is with crypto arbitrage. It is globally acknowledged to be one of the lowest-risk forms of investing and involves exploiting price inefficiencies across crypto exchanges, without exposing the investor to the dangers of market volatility.  To see how it works let’s use as our example one of the better-known regulated players in the crypto arbitrage investing arena, ArbiSmart.  

ArbiSmart’s fully automated crypto arbitrage platform is connected to 35 exchanges, which it scans 24/7 to find instances where a cryptocurrency is briefly available at different prices at the same time, until the market naturally corrects. ArbiSmart’s AI-based algorithm finds the exchange where the currency is being offered at the lowest price and buys it. It then instantly finds the exchange where it is being offered at the highest price and sells it, to make a profit before the price inefficiency resolves itself and the temporary window of opportunity closes. ArbiSmart offers automated crypto arbitrage trading returns ranging from 10.8% to 45% a year, depending on the amount invested.

As we have seen in recent years, due to the anonymity and under-regulation of the crypto space, there is an increased risk of fraud and hacks, so to avoid the loss of your digital assets you need to ensure your Bitcoin is generating returns in a regulated, transparent environment..

For example, since the ArbiSmart platform is FIU licensed, it is fully EU regulated. As a result, clients are protected by strict data security protocols to prevent hacks, as well as required ID verification procedures to prevent money laundering and fraud. In addition, external audit and separation of client and company funds safeguard account integrity and obligatory  insurance provides coverage in case a hack ever actually succeeded.  

ArbiSmart also provides peace of mind with the fact that it has a solid online reputation within the crypto community, across all social channels. It has a strong, positive presence in industry press and an excellent rating on the consumer review site Trustpilot

However, it is not enough, just to be able to avoid the dangers inherent in trading on Bitcoin volatility. You also need a revenue channel that equals or exceeds the profits you could earn from keeping your Bitcoin idle in a wallet, or trading, with some degree of caution on the crypto exchanges. 

At ArbiSmart for example, if, at its current price, you invest 7 BTC today, within, at most, 24 months, you will have doubled your investment, without lifting a finger. Not only will you be earning generous profits from the crypto arbitrage trading performed on your behalf, but you will enjoy compound interest as well as earnings from the rising value of the platform’s native token, RBIS. The RBIS token has risen by more than 120% so far since its introduction, and based on its steady, current trajectory, due to the consistent growth of the company, it is projected to increase in value by almost 3,000% in the next 12 months. 

To learn more about crypto arbitrage, or ArbiSmart specifically, you can contact the ArbiSmart support team via multiple channels, including Twitter, Telegram, Messenger, email, phone, Viber Whatsapp and more. Or, to ensure you don’t miss your chance, you can sign up and start investing your Bitcoin right now, to make sure you benefit from the boom.

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