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Spencer Dinwiddie, NBA, ready for tokenization with Bison Trails

Calaxy will be able to become a validator and actively participate on two separate blockchains, namely Flow and Polkadot

Bison Trails: more privacy with ZKValidator

The project aims to provide greater confidentiality in transactions

Bison Trails and Coinbase Custody for the staking of Solana

It only takes a few clicks to safely secure the SOL token

Bison Trails aims for the NBA with Flow Blockchain

The support for the platform developed by the creators of CryptoKitties has been announced

Former VP of Goldman Sachs new General Counsel of Bison Trails

She will deal with legal and regulatory issues, as well as business and policymaker relations

Bison Trails integrates Coinbase Custody for Polkadot

A collaboration with the custody service to enable Polkadot staking

Libra’s Bison Trails announces support for Solana protocol

It will be possible to become network validators and earn bonuses

Polkadot Indexer, the new API for accessing the blockchain

Launched by Bison Trails, it will enable faster dApp developments

Ethereum: Seba Bank in Switzerland launches ETH staking

A new crypto service for the bank's institutional clients

Coinbase acquires analytics platform Skew

The figure has not yet been revealed

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