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Spencer Dinwiddie, NBA, ready for tokenization with Bison Trails

In a press release issued today, Bison Trails announced that it has partnered with Calaxy, a company led by well-known NBA professional Spencer Dinwiddie, which will take on the task of becoming a validator of the Flow and Polkadot blockchains.

It is worth noting that the well-known basketball player is on a personal mission to promote the adoption of blockchain and crypto, and he himself recently tokenized his contract with the Brooklyn Nets and funded Flow’s campaign with 12 million, so now his connection with this project becomes even greater.

Thanks to the support of Bison Trails, Calaxy will be able to become a validator and actively participate on two separate blockchains in order to collect a double reward from the relevant staking rewards. 

This is one of the few examples, if not the first, where a celebrity of his calibre is actively participating in staking and as a validator on a blockchain. This could also have a positive impact on those who may not know who to vote for or delegate their votes to, thereby empowering more active participation by users who can show support for their favourite player.

Spencer Dinwiddie from NBA to crypto

It is imperative to think innovatively and also involve people from the sports world in order for crypto and blockchain to spread, as explained by the CEO of Bison Trails, Joe Lallouz:

“We’re excited to work with Spencer Dinwiddie to power staking for Calaxy. As an innovative thinker in the crypto space, and a prominent professional athlete, Spencer Dinwiddie’s participation on Flow and Polkadot will help move the ecosystem forward by introducing more people to crypto. We look forward to seeing how our work together will help grow the Flow and Polkadot communities.” 

Calaxy’s goal is to become a social media for this type of technology and unite the crypto world with as many people as possible, stressed Calaxy’s CEO, aka NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie:

“As Calaxy becomes the social engagement application of the future, it is business-critical for us to work with innovative and credible partners like Bison Trails who will support the backend infrastructure and drive participation with the utmost security. The growth within the industry has presented a tremendous opportunity for a lot of emerging blockchain-powered companies. The benefits of delegating to Calaxy nodes will further enhance the industry and continue to foster a collaborative environment as a whole.”

Finally, let’s remember that Bison Trails has focused not only on Flow, but also on Solana, and has also recently partnered with Coinbase Custody specifically for staking.  Bison Trails is also a supporter of the ZKValidator project that supports the Polkadot, Cosmos, NEAR and Kusama blockchains and so in the future, it is possible that we will also see more news related to those ecosystems.

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