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In September, the Iran crypto ban could end

The country is working on a new regulation and the ban introduced in April concerning the purchase and trade of cryptocurrencies could be removed.

Iranian currency collapsing, the bitcoin hunt begins

The vertical collapse of the national currency and hyperinflation are driving people to look for alternative forms of protection and savings, starting with digital currencies.

Crypto Iran: a blockchain in development

To circumvent its financial sanctions, the country would be developing its own blockchain.

Iran and Russia could use cryptocurrencies

To circumvent the limitations imposed by the US and the SWIFT system, Iran and Russia are considering using cryptocurrencies for their international trades.

Halving of Bitcoin: will the price disappoint the predictions?

Unlike expected, the price of BTC ahead of the late April halving has started to decrease.

The crazy Google Trends data on cryptocurrencies

The geolocation of searches provides absurd data, practically inexplicable.

Manta (MANTA) on Binance Launchpool: a deep dive into the new listing of the famous exchange

Binance today proudly listed Manta (MANTA) as the 44th Launchpool project, a step forward towards decentralized finance. The listing of Manta on Binance Manta (MANTA) is an innovative modular Layer 2 (L2) solution designed for ZK applications. The MANTA Launchpool started on 2024-01-16 at 00:00 (UTC), allowing […]

FTX under indictment: claims from debtors toward crypto exchange Bybit to recover $935 million

FTX debtors demand repatriation of funds to Bybit and beyond

Chainalysis: Dubai at the center of crypto growth in the Middle East and North Africa

UAE leads initiative for regulatory clarity in the region

Crypto fraud: $70 billion worth of illicit transactions in five years

How can the rise of criminal activity in the crypto sector be addressed?

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