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Iran: over 1000 Bitcoin farms closed

For each block that is mined, 6.25 BTC are obtained, which at the current price is over $70,000

The largest crypto mining farm approved by Iran

This was made possible thanks to an investment of over $7 million

Iran: a thousand licences for cryptocurrency mining

The country that does not recognize cryptocurrencies as a means of payment receives state funding for mining activities

Did Bitcoin prove to be a safe haven during the US-Iran crisis?

Things got quite heated when the first shots were fired after the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani

Bitcoin, US-Iran tensions drive up price and volumes

On its birthday BTC gains $500 and drives the industry

Iran: Could mining legislation bring back crypto trading?

After nearly two weeks of deliberation, the country has finally decided that it does want to stick with mining as an official industry

LocalBitcoins discontinues Bitcoin trading service in Iran

Bitcoin's famous P2P trading website recently ceased operations in Iran, perhaps because of US sanctions against the country

The USA investigates bitcoin wallets: sanctions for Iran

The Treasury Department manages to link BTCs resulting from scams with names of citizens of the Middle Eastern country

Banks in support of Iran’s national cryptocurrency

The testing phase of a CDBC pegged to the national currency has started: only the Central Bank's approval is missing

Iran mining will be legalized

The country's ban against cryptocurrencies begins to fall apart: the first ban to be lifted is the one against the extraction activity

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