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The PAX stable coin has become a base token on Binance

The largest cryptocurrency exchange added Paxos Standard for trading

Coinbase launches OTC trading desk for institutional clients

The exchange announces the creation of an over-the-counter trading platform

Price collapse, Ethereum drops to its 2018 lows

Today is the ninth consecutive day that the crypto market is characterized by red signs.

Stable coins: the traditional finance in the crypto world

2018 is the year of stability, with 57 projects active on the market

DAI stablecoin isn’t getting the attention it deserves

MakerDAO released a decentralized token in 2017. Let's see how it works

ZRX trading, the enthusiasm is back for 0x

More than 48 hours after the sudden declines in prices, the markets are trying to return to normality

Crypto growth could create new vulnerabilities in the IMF

A new report released by the International Monetary Fund state that crypto assets can create new issues for the traditional finance

Heritage, blockchain donations with Airbus

The internal research group of the aviation giant is about to launch a platform that allows the collection of crypto donations

Ethereum Dapps are not so decentralized

Decentralization has a lot of meanings and some are defined easier than others. Building a DAPP on a decentralized blockchain won’t make it decentralized if control over the contract is kept

Bancor hacked, and its funds frozen

The decentralized exchange remains frozen to avoid possible damage, but protests rise on social media

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