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Coinbase CTO: 60x increase in crypto adoption

Balaji S. Srinivasan compared cryptocurrency usage with the smartphone one, stating that it is just getting started and we should still expect a massive growth

Binance decided to invest in the Founders Bank project

Binance also decided to invest in the Founders Bank project, the first of its kind. The property of the institute will be of customers and investors. You just need to have tokens

Diar’s research: “BTC Lightning Network will grow”

A DIAR study shows how BTC's Second Layer is just beginning to be a mainnet and still has a long way to go to establish itself as a transaction system

South Korea on the blockchain with KOSCO

The revolution in public administration 4.0 is taking off. KOSCO is here, a multifunctional platform for public services.

C-lightning a new step towards Lightning Network

The company announces the release of version 0.6 which includes their C-lightning. GloBee and CoinGate also announce the integration of LN into their payment processors.

Conio bitcoin wallet for buying gold

From the partnership between Conio and Cofinvest comes the possibility to buy the precious metal at market prices by paying with the crypto

Catch tokens with Wallem

CEO Simone Conti: "It's a mobile app with which you can play, have fun and earn tokens. It looks like Pokemon Go with a chance to earn money".

Bitcoin art in Kiev: a statue for Satoshi

Bitcoin art: In Ukraine's city center, citizens want to place a monument for the creator of bitcoin

Ashton Kutcher and ripple donation of $4 million dollars for Ellen

The American actor, former husband of Demi Moore, has made a real foray at 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' with a surprise that has moved to tears the host

Bitex, Bitcoin used in an Argentinian bank

Bancos Masventas has started using crypto for cross-border payments. But the end user is left out.

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