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PlayStation 5 and the scam involving Bitcoin

The event was broadcast live presenting some games and of course the console itself

PLA Bioplastic in the consumer electronics sector

Green electronic components thanks to Polylactic Acid use The continuous research on PLA-based compounds has produced bioplastics with a strong resistance to heat but also...

Facebook: whitepaper and details about the Libra crypto

The social media giant launches its own crypto

Younk: the blockchain based record label is growing, here are some news

The platform that supports artists thanks to distributed ledger technology continues to develop

Plague Hunters, the Ethereum blockchain on PlayStation 4

Arcade Distillery, a video game development company, plans to release a new game that uses Vitalik Buterin's DLT

The Infinity Film Festival at Beverly Hills

The first film event dedicated to blockchain technology will be hosted in the Californian city in early November.

The hybrid model of the Zcash protocol

The main source of financing is not the sale of tokens, but a fixed share of 1.44% on all mined ZECs. The objective is to promote privacy as a human right

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