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For Austria cryptocurrencies are security

The Vienna financial control body highlights the need for supervision of ICOs and virtual currencies

An Amazon crypto will be the end of the world

The FutureSin newspaper launches a challenge: the next battlefield between Bezos and Zuckerberg will be the blockchain. Followed by the tokenisation of the economy

Italian crypto pegged to marble, says Bannon

The businessman, a militant of the American alt-right, has cited among his projects an Italian digital currency similar to the Petro. But we don't understand how it could work

Four cryptos added to the FED database

Bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash and litecoin are added to the Federal Reserve database of St. Louis. An official entry into institutional finance

“Tether USD pair is backed”, according to FSS lawyers.

A few hours ago the famous stable coin pegged to the dollar and issued by Bitfinex, published a document signed by a famous American law firm that confirms the deposits

Lights, camera, action! A crypto movie

In New York, a thriller about the world of cryptocurrencies with Alexis Bledel, Kurt Russell and other stars is coming out in 2019

The Tether Case – the Bitfinex audit

Everything you need to know about the stable coin of the most important exchange in the world

The Matthew Mellon Ripple treasure disappeared into thin air

Billionaire Mathew Mellon died suddenly but now nobody knows the keys to access his wallet. A loss of $ 500 million is estimated

ICO scams: 20% of projects according to WSJ

According to research carried out by the well-known American magazine, most of the token sales are just big swindles. But some figures are not convincing, let's see why

According to the Fed bitcoin is worth 1800$

Joost Van Der, a fintech consultant for the bank, published a study on the true value of the queen of the cryptocurrencies

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