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Microplastics and Washing Machine: the bio-tech solutions

The synthetic clothing wash and the emissions of microfibers in the oceans One of the main sources of seas and oceans plastic pollution comes from...

EarthBi and bioplastic market in 2019: the growth of the sustainability industry

A Global biobased plastic market size, trend and forecasts According to the report published by the Nova Institute entitled Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers...

Satoshi Nakamoto: bitcoin as a solution to the problems of capitalism

The ingenious creator of the blockchain was definitely pacifist and anti-sovereignist

Blockchain in Retail will be used by 78% of businesses by 2023

Research argues that current uses of DLT-based solutions are only the tip of the iceberg of an innovation that will spread like wildfire within the next 5 years

Token classification: the differences between crypto, stable coin, security, utility and equity

Today's crypto ecosystem is much more defined, less confusing and less carefree compared to the coin and token boom at the time of the first ICOs in 2017

The effects of the FED’s monetary policy on cryptocurrencies

The US Central Bank has begun a process of increasing the cost of money. Here are the consequences for the crypto world

Younk, a new community-based music label on the Blockchain

The platform connects artists and music experts to make the music industry more accessible and equitable

Blockchain pioneers gaining major competitive advantage

Blockchain – just another buzzword, or a truly transformative technology?

Brock Pierce: “I’m not a fan of maximalism”

After McAfee's speech and a coffee break, it was the turn of Brock Pierce, an American entrepreneur and former actor

Crypto ATM: the market will be worth hundreds of millions

According to the latest estimates, in five years' time, the figure will exceed 144 million dollars, with an average annual growth rate of 54.7%

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