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TRON: 430 thousand new addresses according to the weekly report

The latest weekly report has just been published, covering all the news about the TRON blockchain and showing the progress of Justin Sun’s project.

In terms of technical development, several results have been achieved, such as the coding of the block header synchronization to make the PBFT consensus protocol cross-chain.

In addition, the contract concerning the shield addresses on this blockchain has been released, while tests are also being carried out for TVM to start staking and unstaking.

TRON’s data in the weekly report

Moving on to blockchain data, it appears that TRON has arrived at 1317 nodes around the world, whereas in terms of addresses, over 430 thousand were created in the last week, bringing the total number of addresses to over 11 million.

Total transactions have reached a peak of 1.2 billion.

The weekly report also shows the distribution of BTT tokens and the result of the launch of the BTC-TRX mining pool on the SUN platform.

The report also discusses the listing of the TRC20-BTC token on the Poloniex exchange, which was recently launched on this blockchain, so the tokens can be redeemed to withdraw BTC through the exchange. The tokens can be recovered using JustSwap.

On the trading side, several figures are reported, such as market capitalization which is just under $2 billion, while volumes reached $7 billion and the price of the asset fluctuated between $0.026 and $0.028, an increase of 8.45%.

Finally, the report contains data on the various products that make use of this blockchain, such as an update on the TronLink wallet, the optimization of the Tronscan block explorer, but also improvements made on BTFS.

There is also some data on BitTorrent, which boasts 340,000 installations per day, with an average of 21 million users per day.

The TRON blockchain will certainly have a prosperous period ahead of it in terms of the new tools being offered, especially those in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi).


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