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Bitcoin SV: a conference in China

In a few days, a new conference will be held in China on Bitcoin SV (BSV), promoted by the Bitcoin Association, focusing on new applications in the blockchain sector.

The event, called “Bitcoin SV: Building Innovative Blockchain Applications”, will take place in China, precisely in Shenzhen, on October 24th, 2020, from 1 PM to 6 PM; it will be dedicated to the development of blockchain applications on Bitcoin SV.

The panellists of the Bitcoin SV event in China

The panel will include the introduction of Lise Li, China Manager of Bitcoin Association, who will talk about the reason for building a dApp (decentralized application) on this blockchain.

Then Bitcell’s founder, Gu Lu, will take the floor and discuss the technological aspect of this blockchain and the tools that can be used on it. This panel is in fact entitled “An Overview of Bitcoin Technology and Developer Tools”, so as to partially inform the dev audience.

Also interesting is the panel “MetaID: How Decentralized ID Advancing Blockchain Application” by the CEO and founder of Showpay, Sunny Fung, which will focus on decentralized identity.

Gaming will be discussed during the panel “The Collision and Integration of Game Industry and Blockchain”, in which the head of Elder Games, Guo Jia, will illustrate how it is possible to integrate the blockchain into videogames and create a decentralized and profitable product for the player, since in some games, once the objects and characters have been acquired, they can be sold for crypto, like in the case of LiteBringer.

This is followed by the panel on “SatoPlay: Exploration and Practice of a BSV-based Game Platform”, held by Bitcell’s founder, Gu Lu.

The last panel will be on “Revealing the Little-known Features of Bitcoin” and will be by Bitcoin Association trainer, Edward Liu.

Developments of Bitcoin SV

It is already possible to upload any file to Bitcoin SV and use it as storage.

Among the games on this blockchain, there is the classic Tic Tac Toe, and it is worth mentioning that the USDC stablecoin will soon arrive on this blockchain and that Bitcoin SV will sponsor Cambridge University.

Moreover, just today the Handcash app has processed 28 thousand transactions in 10 minutes on this blockchain, whereas usually the whole Bitcoin SV network processes 100 thousand transactions in one day.

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