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David Barral the first football player paid in Bitcoin

David Barral is the first football player to be paid in Bitcoin. This was announced by his new team, DUX Internacional de Madrid

As can be read in the tweet, the payment method will be cryptocurrency thanks to the partnership with Criptan

Criptan is a Spanish platform that allows the purchase of cryptocurrencies via bank account or credit card. It also has its own Visa credit card that allows users to spend cryptocurrencies both in physical shops and online.

David Barral in a tweet commented:

“I am happy to join the project of DUX Internacional del Madrid, with ambition and responsibility to continue competing and achieving important challenges in my sports career.”

Whereas Criptan congratulated the player and the team, welcoming them to the cryptocurrency world

About David Barral, the first football player paid in Bitcoin

David Barral is a Spanish striker, born in 1983. He will now play for Inter Madrid, in the Spanish third division, but has a past with the most important teams in Spain, including Levante and Granada. 

After his recent experience in Japan with Tokushima, he returned to Spain, first to Racing Santander and now to Inter Madrid. 

The sports world embraces Bitcoin

David Barral is the first football player to be paid in bitcoin but he is not the only athlete to have chosen bitcoin as a method of payment. Only a few weeks ago a similar development took place in the US NFL with Russell Okung. In this case, the payment method in Bitcoin is enabled by Strike.

Unlike David Barral, Russell Okung was already asking to be paid in Bitcoin in 2019. Whereas to be honest, looking at Barral’s Twitter profile, nothing transpires that would suggest his involvement in Bitcoin.

The fact remains that even football seems to be increasingly involved in the cryptocurrency world. Only yesterday AC Milan announced its partnership with Chiliz and the issuance of its fan token. Before AC Milan, the other Italian team Juventus had launched the JUV token to increase fan involvement.

There is also the blockchain fantasy football experience enabled by Sorare. Numerous teams have joined, whose players have become collectable and exchangeable NFTs. A few examples, among the most recent:

Furthermore, one of Sorare’s advisors is Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué.

In conclusion, it seems that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are destined to make an increasing contribution to the sports world

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