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According to Berners Lee web has failed

For its creator, the network created to be decentralized has ended up in the hands of a few companies. Now, with the technology of the blocks one can return to the original spirit

A VR blockchain project with High Fidelity

With High Fidelity, the creator of Second Life has already raised $70 million. The goal is to connect people through simulated worlds, created by the users themselves

An Amazon crypto will be the end of the world

The FutureSin newspaper launches a challenge: the next battlefield between Bezos and Zuckerberg will be the blockchain. Followed by the tokenisation of the economy

Trade cryptocurrency: Bitcoin recovers dominance

The market continues sideways after the lows of last weekend. The crypto queen takes advantage of this and returns to 43% of the market cap. Green signs for Ethereum Classic, Icon, Stellar and Eos.

For Mougayar blockchain is just at the beginning

The guru of blockchain technology imagines an epochal change, superior to that introduced by the web. The future, he says, "is the decentralization of innovation itself".

The Tether Case – the Bitfinex audit

Everything you need to know about the stable coin of the most important exchange in the world

ICO Race, the winner is …

Pigzbe, Metalyfe and Desico step up on the podium of the blockchain competition. The two days of ICO Race, the Grand Prize of the token sale will make people talk about themselves in the coming months.

McAfee for President. He aims at a crypto revolution

The creator of the well-known antivirus and ardent supporter of cryptocurrencies wants the White House.

According to China, Blockchain value is 10 times the Internet

During a national TV programme, blockchain technology is called the second phase of the Internet, with much greater economic value.

Google ban crypto, and criticism comes

From June there is a total ban on advertising, even indirect, to digital currencies, token sale or trading services on the crypto world. But this also affects those who offer useful services

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