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LBXPeg, the first stable coin backed by the pound sterling

After the cryptocurrencies anchored to the American dollar and gold, here is a new one pegged to the British currency

BTC vs USD, pros and cons

Differences and similarities between Bitcoin and the US dollar

IBM Walmart, a collaboration for food safety

Retail giant announces a solution to ensure food quality

Bitcoin privacy and how it could improve

Bitcoin is often viewed as anonymous by the general public, but it actually isn’t. This defect may soon be overcome.

In Naples blockchain based services are being experimented

Felice Balsamo, coordinator of the working group for the Neapolitan municipality, says: "It's not about printing money but about generating ideas and inventiveness and improving the economy using this technology"

Israel considering a state currency, the Crypto Shekel

The country is already a hub for the world of virtual currencies and blockchain. According to the promoters, such a cryptocurrency can be used to reduce tax evasion and money laundering

WWF Now Accepting Donations on the Blockchain thanks to AidCoin

Welcoming the New Era of Transparent Giving

VeChain trading: prices reach new highs

The token listed on Binance and Houbi increases by 50% but it is too early to talk about a reversal. Nothing exciting in the sector after the recent rebound. Market cap at 215 billion dollars blockchain platform is here

Chinese e-commerce giant released the whitepaper of its blockchain as a service platform

Sharing medical data with blockchain technology

Grapevine World has as its objective the tracking of medical data. The platform was developed together with the University of Southampton and Tiani Spirit

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