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In North Korea crypto allows evading US sanctions

A study conducted by two American analysts reveals how the country manages to use cryptocurrencies to circumvent blocks

The idea of a state cryptocurrency is becoming popular

More and more countries are developing or considering issuing their own blockchain-based currency

Bitjob, the job finder that pays in Student Coin

A platform from Israel, now in the Beta test phase, which combines supply and demand for small part-time jobs. Obviously, it's all based on blockchain

BTC in Bitgrail wallets seized

The Court of Florence orders the seizure of all the wallets. Discontent increases for former customers of the website

A copyright ICO against the SIAE monopoly

With the alliance between Rehegoo Music Group and Consulcesi, blockchain becomes a weapon for the copyright of musicians

ICO Race, the winner is …

Pigzbe, Metalyfe and Desico step up on the podium of the blockchain competition. The two days of ICO Race, the Grand Prize of the token sale will make people talk about themselves in the coming months.

Marshall Islands SOV to replace the dollar

The SOV replaces the dollar in the Marshall Islands: this is "the right path into the future", stated the government of the UN member state

ICO Engine closes relationships with a few countries

Yesterday you might receive an email from us regarding the fact that our ICO Engine closed the relationship with a few countries including Bosnia...

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