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Thomas Bertani, 5 tips for developing DApps

Decentralised applications are becoming increasingly popular. How to build a successful one? We asked the Director of Eidoo

Divorces in Italy during the Bitcoin era

Declaring, concealing, investigating and evaluating the possession of cryptocurrencies during a divorce has become a new challenge for lawyers

Is Bitcoin legal in America?

An in-depth look at the legal status of cryptocurrencies in the country with the largest economy in the world.

Lars Schlichting, “The White Paper”

Exclusively for Cryptonomist a story by the CEO of Poseidon inspired by the crypto world

7 reasons why accepting Bitcoin could help a business

Choosing crypto as a payment method has many advantages, both for the merchant and for the buyer

Supply chain transparency with Bittrex, Bloq and

Citizens Reserve announced SUKU, a tool to manage distribution chains through a blockchain-based cloud platform

Charlie Shrem praises the Winklevoss’ Gemini GUSD

Founder of Bitcoin Foundation congratulates the brothers on launching their stable coin

Roger Ver interview, “Coinbase is bringing cryptocurrencies to the general public”

During the Blockchain Cruise, Cryptonomist interviewed the CEO of, an avid supporter of Bitcoin Cash

A Malta Stock Exchange and Binance trading platform

The goal is to launch a blockchain-based regulated trading platform for security tokens

Coinbase: company tokens will be issued in the future

The CEO Armstrong foresees Web 3.0 future in which companies issue their own digital currencies to be traded on regulated markets

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