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Confidence is a risk, even in the digital world

We have been used to protecting our physical assets for thousands of years, but with cryptocurrencies, it is not possible. And this limits greater adoption

Zcash Mining Guide

The reasons and advantages of devoting yourself to this crypto, with an overview of the best hardware and software to choose. The list of the main pools and the possible economic return

Spain, you can use Tron cryptocurrency to pay taxis and coffee

Along the Costa del Sol, south of the country, a bar and a taxi driver accept the crypto. And the photo becomes viral on Twitter, thanks to Justin Sun

A look at hacked exchange and their bugs

A research by Spirent C. identifies weaknesses and missing protections. Just remember the recent cases of Coincheck, Bitgrail and Bithumb or the older ones like MtGox and Bitstamp

Public vs private blockchain: let the endless debate end

The real difference between permissionless and permissioned chains

Binance tokens to be destroyed, worth 33 million dollars

Every quarter, the exchange buys back and burns some of its BNBs in order to distribute part of its profits to investors.

SegWit transactions break 40%

The company has plans to install lots of new systems during the next month. And they aren’t supposed to be used only to accept the major cryptocurrency

BITBOX exchange has started operations

BITBOX is here, created by the company that manages one of the most used messaging apps in the world

Crypto art and blockchain combined for culture

In addition to galleries that accept digital coins, blockchain technology is becoming a tool for certifying works and inspiring artists

ETH gas prices accusations, Dan Larimer’s answer

The Ethereum network is currently processing as many transactions as it can. The prices have been rising, and the community is pointing its finger at EOS, more specifically Block One, as the responsible

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