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Bitcoin bail, a trial case in San Francisco

Martin Marsich, an Italian-Serbian resident in Udine, has been accused of violating some servers. A judge granted the release but only after a payment of 750,000 dollars in BTC

The case against XRP tokens is closed

Good news for the team of the cryptocurrency that manages to avoid trial. For the time being

Crypto-market down: The SEC delay affects negatively the market

The SEC delays its decision on ETFs until 30 September. The market is red

Crypto Guru Roger Ver’s involuntary gaffe

The crypto guru sends bitcoin to the governor of the island of Jeju to prove that it is easy to pay in crypto. But there is a law that prohibits gifts to a politician over $30

Blockstream, the Liquid blockchain explorer is ready

In a few months' time, users will have easy access to the data stored on this new and promising blockchain

North Carolina interrupts electoral donations in crypto

Candidates are prohibited from being financed in digital currencies, following republican Emmanuel Wilder's request to do so for a midterm vote.

The SEC against the Long Blockchain iced tea

The company producing the drink faces heavy penalties. They cleverly added the word blockchain to their name. The stock went up, but then they got delisted

Technical Cicle: The bear is back in the game

August starts with the red sign for many cryptocurrencies. There are few green signs, including KuCoin and Stellar. Ripple is doing very well after the announcements, the market has definitely appreciated

Alex Tapscott, “Permissioned systems will become more isolated”

Cryptonomist exclusive interview with CEO and Founder of NextBlock Global about the future of blockchain technologies

Envion doesn’t comply with Swiss crypto laws

Interview with Lars Schlichting, member of the Swiss Federal Banking Commission (now FINMA) and of a Big Four. He is now CEO of the Poseidon/Eidoo Group

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